Let's make somebody's day.


If this is the first time you have been to this site, then someone just gave you one of our cards. Maybe even a password to one of our blogs (once they work). That means we met you PERSONALLY and want you to join our loveplusone family. If we saw you might be in need, might have something somebody else wants, or might be a vendor or merchant with a large turnover of seasonal or timely products, we said "Hello!" This site is a chance for you to know us, and for us to know you and retain your information. WHO KNOWS you might need something, or be able to sell us something, and we can help each other out!       WELCOME!


Laura Weis
Laura lets me put lots of stuff in the garage and doesn't get mad. She is also on the Board of the North Dallas Chamber of Commerce and Women in Transportation. Pretty cool eh!

Tim Weis
Our personal Rhino. Time is our IT help and our muscle when we buy lot's of stuff. Tim works for Main Event and his new wife Kim (on the right.)

Alyse and Annie
Alyse heads up the Missionaries to Manila project. She is going there to counsel at a teacher's school.

We look forward to great prices on folders:-)

Annie Weis, KG, and Anna
Annie is our buyer and our biggest donor. She has been scouring merchants for years buying samples, and then giving them away to help others.


Learn what we are all about! Learn how to have love+1


What do you need? What can you give? Where can you take it? When can we come get it?


It's really simple. My mom finds stuff. We buy it really cheap because people want to help. We then find people who really really really need that thing right now and we give it to them.

our leadership team

Charity is not some big building with a tax-free licence and a logo. It's that small place in your heart where you impulsively want to give something to someone else to make them happy.

Giving is about giving. It is and should be it's own reward. Tax breaks are great, but they shouldn't be the ultimate goal of the giver.

Give to us. We give to others. That's who we are!  Shouldn't all charity be that easy?


Michael David Weis

Our founder